Using Google/Bing to Convert Recipe Measurements

Using Google/Bing to Convert Recipe Measurements – No Allergen Food

I like to make recipes in slightly nonstandard ways.  I may double, triple or half a recipe.  Sometimes I will keep adding to a recipe and tasting it until it is right.  Other people seem to do this as well.  This leads to recipes which ask you to put in 8 tablespoons of sugar or something equally strange.

Now that we have the internet we are also more likely to have measurements in Milliliters (ML)  when I find a recipe from outside the U.S.  Yes, I can dig out some books and do some calculations.  But there is a better way if you have access to the internet.

Try the following search in Google or Bing:

8 tablespoons in cups

You should see something like this:

google_convert1.jpgSo now I know that 8 tablespoons is 0.5 cups or half a cup.

If I click on the 0.5 I can type over it and change it to be 1/3 cup.  When I do this it instantly updates the number of tablespoons to match:



But I can also play with this.  The little up and down arrows between the tbsp. and the US cup above is a drop down.  I can change this to be in Milliliters:



then this:


I will let you play with this to your heart’s content.   Have fun!

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