Review of Gluck’s Veggie Sticks (both Barbecue and Cheddar)

5.5 servings per container.  130 Calories per serving.

Barbecue contains: natural flavors

Cheddar contains: Buttermilk, Cheddar Cheese, natural flavors

WARNING:  Both packages of this that I bought were labeled “100% Vegan” and “Gluten Free Ingredients”.   However, buttermilk and Cheddar Cheese are not Vegan.    The Cheese may or may not qualify as vegetarian *

6 out of 10 stars

gluck_bbq_sticks gluck_cheddar_veggie sticks

These sticks are definitely different.  The look like French fries but are more like cheese puffs in weight and mouth feel.  My wife calls cheese puffs “plastic cheese” and does not like them.  I do like them very much but downgraded the star rating because of the package labeling error.  I found these at the local budget Kroger chain store on sale.  I have not seen them since. Perhaps that is due to complaints about the label.

*   see  or search for cheese and vegetarian.  I am not a vegetarian, but some of my readers are.   Messing up on your label is a serious offense.

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