Review of Mrs Leeper’s Chicken Alfredo (Gluten Free Kit)

Review of Mrs Leeper’s Chicken Alfredo (Gluten Free Kit)

5 servings per container.  150 Calories per serving as packaged, 250 when prepared as recommended.

Contains soy and milk ingredients. If made as recommended it will contain chicken. (Tofu is suggested as an alternative which would make it vegetarian but not vegan if I read the ingredients correctly)

7 out of 10 stars


Note: I used skim milk as opposed to 2% milk.  I also used a 12 inch covered skillet as opposed to a 10 inch.

Easy to make. Very good taste but has a couple of issues.

The sauce was too thin for my taste.  I would use about 1/3 less liquid next time.  Perhaps cooking it without the cover (which the recipe requires) would have helped.

The recipe also requires you to cook the raw chicken in the skillet as the first step.  I needed to add a tiny amount of oil to keep the chicken from sticking.  This was not included in the recipe.  I would use some gluten free soy or teriyaki sauce in the future to prevent this.  It adds some sodium but improves the flavor.

Available in higher end grocery stores or at Amazon:

Mrs. Leeper’s Chicken Alfredo Dinner, 7.05-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)


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