Conflict of Interest Statement

I am building this site to help people with food allergies including my family.

In order to help cover the costs associated with the site and any materials needed for research, testing recipes or similar activities I will at times place affiliate links on the page or in content.  If you click on a link to an item and then purchase the item, I may be given a small amount of money or credit on the site.  I will not include links to items which I do not believe in.

There are also places for Google Ad-sense ads.  I have very little control of the content of these ads and do not endorse the products.

I will review products from time to time.   Most of these items will be food products that I have bought for our consumption.  If I am sent a sample to taste/try, I will put a note about the terms at the head of the article.  I know that I will lose all credibility and reader ship if I let myself be controlled by sponsors.  If you disagree with how I rate something please let me know.  I hope to set up some sort of survey system for product rating so you can participate.

If you represent a company where I have rated your product poorly you may attempt to bribe me.  I require ten million dollars and two one way first class plane tickets to a nice country which does not have an extradition treaty with the USA as a start.  Prices go up if your product is really really bad.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.

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