Review of Velveeta Cheese Sauce Packets

Review of Velveeta Cheese Sauce Packets – No Allergen Food

Pouches each containing 2 servings with 180 calories per serving

These pouches can be used to make “Deluxe” style macaroni and Cheese with your choice of pasta.  This product has a lot of sodium in it and a somewhat salty taste.

9 out of 10 stars


No wheat listed on the label. Contains milk ingredients.  Contains “Natural Flavor”

I love Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese.  It is easy to make, does not require refrigeration, and tastes much better than the box kind with the powdered cheese mix.  However, it does have the “Contains Wheat” warning on the label.

In order to satisfy this craving, I would occasionally buy a box, give away the macaroni and make it with one of the dozens of wheat free dried pasta I have available.

I saw this product a few weeks ago (at a Walmart that had a gluten free section) and had to try it.

The box has three of the silver pouches of cheese sauce mix without the noodles.  The pouches are slightly smaller than the ones that come with the full boxed Mac and Cheese mix.  This is good because when we are minding our diets, we should not split the three plus servings of the original box between us.

The sauce is not quite as good as the sauce that is included in the Kraft Deluxe 4 Cheese variety but it seems to be the same as the Velveeta shells and cheese version we used to buy.  If it was as good as the 4 cheese version I would have given it 10 stars.

I tried it with my normal wheat free pasta and it came out great.  Soon I will try it over a couple of servings of cooked white rice.

Update: Used this with some sliced fresh potatoes and some spices to make homemade al gratin potatoes. There is also now a Jalapeno version available

if you can not find them in your local store they are available on Amazon

Kraft Original Velveeta Cheese Sauce, 3 Individual 4 Oz Pouches, Net Wt 12 Oz (340g)

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