Review of Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

Review of Betty Crocker Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix

8 servings per container.  130 Calories per serving in box, 150 Calories per serving prepared.

Contains corn starch. Also requires an Egg to be added.

3 out of 10 stars


Easy to make.  Spreads well into a 12 inch pizza pan.  When making you will need access to some additional gluten free flour and some spray oil which are not listed in the “You will need” summary.   The mix is the correct size for a 12 inch.  Browns and looks nice when cooked.  Eight servings would be child size servings.  Six is a much more reasonable number to have used for the number of servings.

I was quite excited, till I tasted the resulting pizza.

The main problem with this mix is that the resulting crust does not have the taste or mouth feel of pizza crust.  It is like having pizza toppings baked onto a crumbly biscuit.  Pizza dough should not be crumbly.   I would not buy this again.  There are better products out there.  Putting the toppings on a good gluten free sandwich bread and baking that as pizza would be highly preferable.

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